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Non-custodial staking is the easiest way to grow your crypto assets and protect against protocol inflation. By staking, you earn rewards while securing your favorite networks.

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We hold our products to high standards and prioritize security. Our experienced team builds institutional-grade crypto products trusted by companies from all over the world.

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Our highly-available multi-cloud staking solution is globally distributed and we’re constantly monitoring our nodes to protect against downtime. Our team is on-call 24/7 to react to any given scenario.

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Delegated staking FAQ

Staking is a mechanism through which Proof-of-Stake networks ensure that the validator nodes that create new blocks on a blockchain are acting in good faith. Proof-of-Stake consensus relies on network participants putting assets “at stake” to guarantee that they are not spamming the network or engaging in other kinds of activities that would imperil it. 

To start staking your crypto assets, you first need to choose a trusted validator to which you will delegate your assets.

The assets staked to a validator increase its chance of being selected to create new blocks on a network. When creating new blocks, the validator gets rewarded by the protocol with a number of tokens proportional to its stake. The validator then passes this reward to its stakers, minus a small fee that is used to run the node.

Staking rewards are tokens that are distributed to validators to compensate them for their work operating and securing the network. 

Staking rewards come from two main sources: transaction fees and newly-minted tokens. The creation of new tokens is typically determined by the protocol rate of inflation. It’s worth noting that each protocol has its own rules that define the inflation rate, the network fees, and the rewards paid to block validators.

To start delegating your assets to FCS validators, contact us at 

Finoa’s validators are run by Finoa Consensus Services, Finoa’s first subsidiary.

Founded in 2022, FCS develops blockchain infrastructure and distributed validator technology that secures decentralized networks and maximizes institutional investors’ capital efficiency. 

By staking to an FCS node, you agree to the Finoa Consensus Services Terms and Conditions.