Stake Saga (SAGA)

Reward Rate
Unbonding period
21 days
No - new delegation required
Asset price data via Coingecko

Saga is a groundbreaking protocol empowering developers to effortlessly deploy parallelized and interoperable dedicated chains, dynamically scaling to meet the demands of their Web3 applications. It offers visionaries an Integrated Stack comprising cutting-edge tools and comprehensive support to transform their Web3 aspirations into reality..

Finoa’s Saga validator is run by Finoa Consensus Services, the Finoa subsidiary that builds blockchain infrastructure. By staking to an FCS node, you agree to the Finoa Consensus Services Terms and Conditions.

How it works


Go to and connect your wallet.


Search for "Finoa Consensus Services" in the "Search validator" box.


Click "Manage" to open the dialog box and select "Delegate".


Enter the amount you want to delegate. Keep some SAGA to pay transaction fees.


Click "Delegate" and then click "Approve".


Check and approve the transaction in your Keplr wallet.

Start growing your SAGA portfolio with delegated staking today

Stake SAGA

Why stake with us?

Start growing your SAGA portfolio with delegated staking today

Maximize your SAGA holdings and bolster the network by entrusting your stake to the Finoa Consensus Services Validator.

Experience tranquility: rely on a validator operated by a seasoned team committed to fortifying network security and promoting decentralization.

Earn rewards with assurance: your assets are actively utilized by a validator established with robust security measures, boasting exceptional uptime, and subject to round-the-clock monitoring to minimize slashing risks.

Receive assistance when necessary: Reach out anytime for guidance or support in initiating delegations to Finoa Consensus Services.

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Reach out with your questions or to request help with setting up SAGA delegations.