Reward Rate
Ca. 8.5%
Unbonding period
Ca. 2 days
Asset price data via Coingecko

Near is a decentralized blockchain platform designed for high-performance applications. It employs a unique sharding mechanism to enhance scalability, making it efficient for developers to build and deploy decentralized applications. Near's focus on user-friendly experiences and low transaction costs further positions it as a robust platform.

Finoa’s NEAR validator is run by Finoa Consensus Services, the Finoa subsidiary that builds blockchain infrastructure. By staking to an FCS node, you agree to the Finoa Consensus Services Terms and Conditions.

How it works


Go to and connect your wallet.


Search for "Finoa Consensus Services" in the "Select validator" box.


Click "Stake with validator".


Enter the amount you want to delegate. Keep some NEAR to pay transaction fees.


Click "Submit Stake".

Start growing your NEAR portfolio with delegated staking today.

Stake NEAR

Why stake with us?

Grow your NEAR holdings and support the NEAR network by delegating your stake to the Finoa Consensus Services Validator. 

Get peace of mind. Use a validator run by a team of experts dedicated to upholding network security and supporting decentralization.

Earn rewards with confidence. Your funds are put to work by a validator that is set up securely, has high uptime, and is monitored 24/7 to mitigate slashing risks.

Get help when you need it. You can reach out at any time with questions or to ask for support with setting up delegations to Finoa Consensus Services.

NEAR staking FAQ

The Near token has several functions:

  • providing incentives to validators and stakers to keep the network secure through PoS consensus
  • securing the blockchain

Near is an inflationary currency with no supply cap. However, if there’s high network activity, inflation is counterbalanced by fee burning. Learn more about inflation on Near.  

Slashing is not activated is Near but could get activated in the future.

Our recommended wallet for delegated staking of TENT tokens is the MyNearWallet .

You maintain full custody of your tokens when delegating your NEAR tokens to the Finoa Consensus Services validator. 

Finoa’s NEAR validator is run by Finoa Consensus Services.

Founded in 2022, Finoa Consensus Services (FCS) is Finoa’s first subsidiary. FCS develops blockchain infrastructure and distributed validator technology that secures decentralized networks and maximizes institutional investors’ capital efficiency. 

By staking to an FCS node, you agree to the Finoa Consensus Services Terms and Conditions.

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Reach out with your questions or to request help with setting up NEAR delegations.