Unlock scalable rewardswith in-custody staking

Make your crypto assets work harder for you. Get safe, predictable staking rewards directly into your account with Finoa's institutional crypto-staking solution.

Optimize token efficiency

Make the network work for you and hedge your crypto portfolio against protocol inflation. Safely grow with in-custody staking and tap innovative features such as liquid staking.

Minimize counterparty risk

Stake your crypto and earn rewards without your funds ever leaving your account. Save time and minimize counterparty risk with an in-custody staking solution.

Advance your strategy

Get a seat at the table and have the opportunity to influence the protocol integration roadmap. Our white-glove account management is there to support throughout your digital asset journey.

Delegate reliably

Stake with a validator of your choice and support protocol decentralization. Choose among the best institutional-grade staking validators, such as Finoa Consensus Services, Blockdeamon, Figment, and Chorus One.

Secure in-custody staking across 11 networks

Axelar (AXL)
Agoric (BLD)
Audius (AUDIO)
Ethereum (ETH)
Flow (FLOW)
Mina (MINA)
Near (NEAR)
Oasis (ROSE)
Polkadot (DOT)
Skale (SKALE)
Celestia (TIA)

How it works


Deposit your assets into your Finoa account.


Choose the assets to stake and select your validator.


Generate rewards directly into your Finoa account.

Finoa is a white-glove service compliant with the highest regulatory standards.

About us

It’s a pleasure working as a staking partner with Finoa. They understand the importance of staking for the security and operability of Proof-of-Stake networks and stable financial returns for those who participate, and the need to enable that through a trusted, highly secure, and regulated platform.

Lorien Gabel

CEO & Co-Founder at Figment

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Staking FAQ

Staking crypto is safe so long as you respect the protocol rules and don't act against the interests of the network. 

As an institutional investor, you benefit from added security by staking your crypto with a vetted staking validator, which can protect you against risks such as unwanted validator downtime.

You can learn more about staking risks from our introductory article.

Finoa offers a curated selection of staking tokens. 

Currently, you can stake the tokens of Proof-of-Stake protocols Agoric (BLD), Audius (AUDIO), Axelar (AXL), Flow (FLOW), Mina (MINA), NEAR (NEAR), Oasis (ROSE), Polkadot (DOT) and SKALE (SKALE), with more constantly added.

As a crypto-native company, Finoa is well-rooted in the blockchain space. We are constantly scouting for new protocols at the bleeding-edge of crypto innovation to find projects with a strong vision and team, as well as sound tokenomics and high disruptive potential.

A staking validator is a node in a computer network whose task is to validate (or sign) new transactions and append them to the blockchain. In exchange for this, validators earn network fees, also known as staking rewards.