Since Finoa’s inception, it has always been the utmost goal to offer our customers a comprehensive solution to safeguard and manage a broad range of digital assets. Supporting new and promising protocols is therefore at the heart of Finoa. We are therefore proud to announce that we are collaborating with the NEAR Foundation and adding support for the NEAR Token, one of the most exciting protocols and backed by notable investors such as a16z, Pantera, Electric Capital, Accomplice, and Multicoin Capital

“We’ve been intrigued by the team’s vision since we first met them in 2019, and have been in close dialogue ever since. We are confident that NEAR, with its unique contract-based account model and progressive UX, will succeed in building the first decentralized platform achieving the original vision of smart contracts and thus fully enable the evolution of the Open Web. At Finoa, we are more than happy to support them on this journey.” - Christopher May, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Finoa.

Finoa will support custody as well as staking upon launch of the protocol for all existing as well as prospective holders of the NEAR token. Investors will hereby benefit from Finoa’s HSM-based warm-storage solution enabling them to safeguard and manage their tokens within a regulatory-compliant environment. Moreover, by partnering with the market-leading validators in the space, Finoa’s customers will be able to stake their tokens, thereby generating additional returns on top of their holdings while actively contributing to the NEAR network.

“We are happy that Finoa, one of the leading custody providers, is supporting custody as well as staking and delegation of NEAR, giving token holders a secure and regulatory compliant solution to safeguard their tokens and supporting the further growth of the network.” - Erik Trautman, CEO of NEAR Foundation