We are excited to announce that Celestia has completed its transition to Mainnet Beta, marking an important advancement in the modular blockchain ecosystem. At the same time, we are also happy to share that Finoa and is now live with qualified custody and in-custody staking services for the native token $TIA as well as node infrastructure via Finoa Consensus Services.

Celestia, a quick primer

Celestia stands as an innovative modular blockchain network designed to simplify the process of deploying new blockchains. It offers sovereign blockchains the ability to break away from traditional monolithic architectures, granting them the freedom to build on their own terms.

As a layer 1 blockchain, Celestia is primarily tasked with transaction sequencing and data verification, making it suitable for specialized blockchains hosting applications to build upon. This approach endows Celestia with attributes such as scalability, flexibility, and interoperability, which differentiate it from previous blockchain designs.

You can read more about Celestia here

Finoa Consensus Services, a genesis validator and early testnet supporter

Having played an active role as a validator since the early testnets, mainnet launch also marks an important milestone for our continued efforts in promoting and providing institutional-grade and compliance-first node infrastructure for networks that we have a strong conviction in. If you are interested in learning more about our node infrastructure services and staking to our Celestia node(s), please do not hesitate to reach out to our team here

Details on staking TIA with Finoa Consensus Services

Finoa Consensus Services Address: celestiavaloper1e2p4u5vqwgum7pm9vhp0yjvl58gvhfc6yfatw4

APY: 10-15%*

Unbonding period: 21 days

Commission: 10%

*The APY is subject to change in the coming days/weeks as the network matures. If you are interested in learning more about how to stake $TIA, you can read our guide here.

A unique compliant and institutional-first setup

Finoa and Finoa Consensus Services (FCS) is a unique combination providing institutional investors with regulatory certainty from Finoa and a regulatory hedge in the future with FCS, affiliated with the regulated business, and one of few staking companies set up in Germany to ensure future prosperity and compliance with European- and global standards.

Custody and in-custody staking of $TIA

The integration of Celestia’s $TIA into Finoa’s qualified and regulated custody offering marks yet another mainnet launch for Finoa and once again highlights our unique capability to seamlessly adapt to new networks and use cases, leveraging our proprietary security infrastructure.

At Finoa, our commitment has always been to provide the highest level of security while remaining agile in the ever-evolving crypto landscape. Our integration with Celestia underscores our dedication to using our expertise and infrastructure to meet the specific requirements of emerging blockchain networks and institutional participants. By prioritizing the safety and trust of our users, we actively contribute to the advancement of blockchain technology. This collaboration with Celestia underscores the pivotal role that trusted custodians like Finoa play in the advancement of the industry.

If you are interested in learning more about our custody services, please reach out to us here