Finoa is excited to announce its support for the Saga mainnet launch. As part of our ongoing dedication to top-tier blockchain initiatives, we are proud to offer institutional-grade custody and staking services for the Saga token (SAGA) right from the onset of its token generation event. Utilizing our regulated, secure, and user-friendly Finoa platform, we will facilitate these operations seamlessly. The Saga integration marks Finoa’s latest venture within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Saga in a nutshell

Saga represents a cutting-edge, developer-friendly blockchain network aimed at fostering a scalable multichain environment. It revolutionizes scalability by decoupling execution from consensus and implementing innovative data availability sampling techniques. Saga enables developers to effortlessly create parallelized and interoperable dedicated chains that dynamically adjust to the scaling requirements of their Web3 applications.

Finoa's support for Saga ($SAGA) staking

Staking SAGA via Finoa, powered by Finoa Consensus Services, empowers users to bolster the network's security and decentralization while earning staking rewards right from the outset. As one of the largest validators in the Cosmos ecosystem, Finoa Consensus Services is well-equipped to assist investors with both public delegations and white-label nodes, ensuring a seamless staking experience.

Unique Approach to Staking and Validator Selection

In contrast to many other Cosmos-based projects, Saga introduces a novel approach to validator selection through a competitive auction mechanism, incentivizing validators to offer the lowest prices for provisioning chainlets. This innovative system ensures optimal pricing for developers while guaranteeing fair compensation for validators' infrastructure costs. Despite the dynamic nature of validator selection, all Saga chainlets undergo validation by the complete set of mainnet validators, preserving the security of the network's operation. We’re excited about these developments and look forward to seeing how these mechanics play out in the future.

Saga Mainnet Launch and Finoa's Partnership

The launch of the Saga Mainnet signifies a significant milestone for the Saga ecosystem and its innovators. Finoa is honored to collaborate with Saga during this pivotal moment, supporting the community's on-chain endeavors and facilitating institutional engagement.

Finoa eagerly anticipates witnessing the Saga network's evolution as more innovators and chainlets come on board. We stand prepared to guide users in harnessing the launch's full potential, and our team remains committed to providing expert support, from staking setup to asset security and optimization.
Embark on your Saga journey with Finoa today by reaching out to or visiting to explore our offerings.

About Finoa

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