In the ever-evolving world of blockchains, Ethereum remains one of the bedrocks of on-chain participation and TVL. In enabling participation on Ethereum, we’ve come to understand the unique needs of institutional investors and some of the challenges they encounter working with service providers today. In this blog post, we're excited to unveil our latest advancements, designed with institutional Ethereum participation in mind.

On-demand ERC-20 token whitelisting

One of the significant challenges faced by institutional investors in the Ethereum ecosystem has been the tedious process of token whitelisting among custodians. At Finoa, we have recently introduced a streamlined, faster whitelisting process. This enhancement empowers you with more control and flexibility over your assets, and enables us to swiftly provide access to ERC-20 tokens you care for.

FinoaConnect - Seamless integration with dApps

FinoaConnect is our proprietary wallet connector, designed to seamlessly integrate you into pivo tal decentralized applications (dApps) within the Ethereum ecosystem. This innovative solution simplifies your journey by facilitating (curated) access to a wide range of services and applications that Ethereum has to offer.

Unified wallets for simplified management

Navigating the Ethereum universe is now easier than ever with our unified Ethereum addresses. Say goodbye to the confusion of managing multiple addresses for various tokens. With Finoa, you'll have one Ethereum address to rule them all. This simplifies processes like SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) deposit address submissions, making life easier for institutional participants.

Native ETH Staking - in-Custody and regulated

Earlier this year, Finoa introduced the first fully regulated, in-custody native ETH staking service in Europe. This service is designed to unlock robust and efficient staking for large positions directly from secure custody. Institutional investors can now participate in Ethereum's staking ecosystem with confidence, knowing their assets are well protected.

Bespoke ETH transactions for your needs

Every institution is unique, and we recognize that. Finoa offers a custom interaction service tailored to your distinctive needs. Engage effortlessly with Ethereum smart contracts, execute transactions, and conduct operations precisely as per your requirements. This personalized service ensures that all of Ethereum's possibilities are within your grasp.

Unlock the full potential of Ethereum with Finoa

The Ethereum ecosystem offers a wide spectrum of opportunities, from token investments and vesting to DeFi, governance, and staking. Finoa is here to empower institutional investors to explore these possibilities securely. With our upgraded services, you can embark on your blockchain adventure with confidence, knowing that your assets are in capable hands.

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