Finoa announces groundbreaking launch of proprietary wallet connector, pioneering secure dApp interaction from regulated custodial wallets

Berlin, Germany - September 12, 2023
- Finoa, Europe’s leading qualified crypto custodian, is proud to unveil its latest innovation - the industry-leading proprietary wallet connector, FinoaConnect. This cutting-edge technology sets a new standard in secure dApp connectivity, providing users with high-quality protection for their private keys and transactions, all while delivering a seamless and convenient crypto-native user experience.

As the first regulated custodian to introduce a proprietary wallet connector, Finoa once again demonstrates its leadership in the industry. This pioneering move solidifies Finoa as the ultimate bridge between institutions and the burgeoning blockchain landscape. With FinoaConnect, Finoa empowers institutional players to confidently navigate the complexities of blockchains, smart contracts and dApps, all while leveraging their secure and regulated custodial wallets, eliminating the risks of hot-wallets or self-custodial solutions.

The first fully integrated custodial wallet connector that offers true end-to-end transaction integrity to institutional investors

FinoaConnect, embodies Finoa's commitment to revolutionizing the way institutions engage with Web3 use cases. Through tamper-proof encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication via Trusted Execution Environments (TEE), Finoa ensures end-to-end transaction integrity.

This development is not only a major technological breakthrough, but also a critical step forward in institutional participation in the Web3 sector. By seamlessly connecting secure custody with on-chain participation, FinoaConnect not only eliminates the friction points and barriers to entry that have previously hampered institutional adoption, but also emphasizes the ease of access, allowing customers to access their assets from anywhere.

This innovation effectively reshapes the landscape of Web3 participation, opening the door to broader and more diverse institutional involvement, and sets the standard for compliant native usage of Web3 dApps.

Henrik Gebbing, Founder of Finoa, commented on the launch, stating: "At Finoa, we have always been driven by the vision of enabling seamless and secure access to the crypto ecosystem. The introduction of our FinoaConnect is a pivotal moment not just for us, but for the entire industry. This innovation addresses the pressing needs of institutional investors who demand both security and convenience. By providing a gateway to on-chain activities, all from regulated custodial wallets, we are advancing the cause of institutional crypto adoption."

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About Finoa:

Established in 2018, Finoa is a leading European crypto qualified custodian for institutional investors. Finoa offers custody, brokerage, staking, and dApp interaction. Its intuitive platform allows users of all experience levels to store and handle digital assets with peace of mind. Finoa caters to a global clientele, including top-tier venture capitalists, investment funds, pioneering Web3 organizations, and seasoned investors. The institution holds three licenses by the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), including crypto custody, brokerage and proprietary trading business.