The MATIC token of the Polygon ecosystem joins the list of 185+ Finoa-supported tokens for regulated institutional custody. The addition of MATIC to Finoa's institutional custodian platform enables institutional investors to participate in the growth of the Polygon network and powers the further development of decentralized finance.

As an Ethereum full-stack scaling solution, Polygon effectively transforms Ethereum into a mature multi-chain system. The Polygon system has a modular framework (the Polygon SDK) which supports the building and connecting of both Layer 2 chains and sidechains.

Thanks to its fast and inexpensive transactions, Polygon’s ecosystem has grown to include DeFi protocols, Web3 games, and NFT platforms. The integration of Polygon with Finoa enables institutional investors to access this growing ecosystem in a safe and intuitive manner.

The MATIC token is extremely important, as it helps to secure the Polygon system and enables governance. Finoa’s Germany-based custody solution allows enterprises and individuals to get access to MATIC in a compliant and regulated way. Through its Polygon launch, Finoa is set to broaden the diversification opportunities for institutional investors looking to engage with digital assets.