Managing treasury at scale and supporting a mainnet launch

31 Mar 2023

Having grown exponentially since 2017, the Mina Foundation joined Mina’s ecosystem, serving the Mina community and ecosystem worldwide. Mina empowers the creation of robust zkApps, enabling the use of decentralized apps while preserving users’ privacy and security. 

Learn how Finoa, the Mina Foundation, and O(1) Labs worked together to make the mainnet launch a success and how the Finoa platform further supported the two partners to streamline treasury operations.


As they prepared for their mainnet launch in March 2021, both O(1) Labs and the Mina Foundation looked for a partner that could secure their treasury and company funds, as well as those of investors, employees, or advisors from day one.

The Mina Foundation was after a service provider that could facilitate the day-to-day operations of managing a crypto treasury and accommodate their individual set-up requirements. As the date of launch was nearing, everything needed to be up and running on short notice to meet the impending deadline.


Finoa was able to integrate the MINA token into its industry-leading platform in a timely manner and provide the much-needed custody and staking support ahead of the protocol’s mainnet launch.

Equipped with the right tools for automating time-consuming operations, the team at the Mina Foundation achieved greater efficiency in both treasury management and daily tasks. 

Thanks to the flexibility of Finoa’s white-glove support, the team also benefits from custom integrations that meet their individual needs.

Download the case study to learn more, and to find out why the Mina Foundation and O(1) Labs chose Finoa as the preferred institutional custodian for the Mina Network.