Ensuring institutional-grade custody and staking services at Celestia launch

13 Dec 2023

In November of 2023, the Celestia Foundation embarked on its Token Generation Event (TGE), a crucial step in its journey to becoming the leading platform for modular blockchains. For this event, Celestia partnered with Finoa, a leader in digital asset management as a qualified custodian and staking provider for its team members, institutional token holders, and foundation treasury. This collaboration showcased Finoa’s adeptness in the blockchain space, marking its fourth venture into supporting a Cosmos-based chain. 


The Celestia TGE presented a dual challenge: ensuring secure custody immediately at token distribution and providing efficient staking options (in-custody staking and an institutional-grade validator) within the first moments after the TGE. Finoa stepped up to deliver a seamless, integrated solution, emphasizing both aspects as a unique selling point (USP) for the event.


Finoa successfully ensured that asset distribution and consequent staking operations went frictionless at mainnet launch and TGE, enabling TIA tokenholders to seamlessly access and participate with their allocations. Through its early testnet involvement and institutional-grade expertise, Finoa Consensus Services additionally helped secure that the network was supported by robust and highly reliable node infrastructure at launch.
Download the case study to learn more, and to find out why the Celestia Foundation and Celestia Labs chose Finoa as a partner for the Celestia launch.