The Future is NEAR: Staking, Custody & Security for Institutional Investors

4 May 2022

In this webinar, industry experts discuss why institutional investors should have their eyes on the NEAR ecosystem. Our speakers talk about the importance of relying on a regulated custodian and how to generate yield with an institutional-grade validator. 


  • What is the NEAR ecosystem?
  • How to store and generate yield after buying NEAR?
  • How to safely custody NEAR with a regulated custodian?
  • How to stake NEAR with an institutional validator?
  • How does the future look for one of the most innovative protocols in the global crypto ecosystem?


  • Claudio Cossio, Analyst, Grants Team - NEAR Foundation
  • Andreas Dittrich, Head of Tech and Strategy - Finoa
  • Alyson Russ, Account Executive, Staking - Figment

Moderator: Chris Wilson - Figment

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