In collaboration with the Oasis Foundation, we are thrilled to announce that we will be providing secure custody and staking services at the mainnet launch of the ROSE Token — the utility token of the Oasis Network.

In addition to custody, ROSE token holders will also be able to stake their allocations directly from within Finoa’s secure infrastructure, providing a unique opportunity for token holders to contribute to the network in a seamless, safe, and secure way.

ROSE, the utility token that will be used to facilitate transactions on the Oasis Network’s consensus layer, is designed to give users financial sovereignty and control of their data and is expected to play a critical role in how various ecosystem partners interact with each other and how data is permission for usage or storage the network.

“We are delighted that Finoa, one of the leading institutional custodians, will be supporting custody, staking and delegation of ROSE at launch. With our partnership, we’re giving token holders a secure and regulatory compliant solution to safeguard their tokens and support the further international growth of the network.“ - Jernej Kos, Director of the Oasis Foundation

The Oasis Network is separated into two parts: the Consensus Layer and the ParaTime Layer. Its unique design allows Oasis Network to parallelize operations and scale each layer independently so as to create custom runtimes to support complex and specific use cases. Privacy-first and EVM-compatible ParaTimes are currently in development.

The Oasis Network’s high-throughput and support for confidential compute allow it to support private, scalable DeFi — expanding DeFi beyond early adopters and traders to a mainstream market. Its powerful features allow it to support new apps and primitives currently not available on other platforms — such as apps that leverage tokenized data that users can share and stake in exchange for rewards or services. The Oasis Network is a platform for the next generation of blockchain technology.

“We have been working closely with the Oasis team over the last months and are thrilled to support the network by providing custody and staking support for ROSE. We have been very impressed by the team, company vision, and the unique design of the Oasis Network. Its privacy-first approach will be key to the further advancement of a responsible data economy and we are looking forward to actively participating in the growth of the network.” - Finoa Co-Founder & Co-CEO Christopher May

If you are interested in learning more about our support for ROSE or any future assets currently on our road map please reach out to us here.