As part of our team’s continuous work towards expanding our product and improving our customers’ experience, we are happy to announce that we completed the development of a C-library for the Substrate Crypto Ecosystem. With today’s launch, we are expanding the array of services provided to our clients through our all-in-one solution for managing Digital- and Crypto-Assets.

The release of the library and its integration into our programmable hardware security modules (HSMs) will enable the integration of Substrate-based protocols into our custody and staking services, through our regulated and military-grade security infrastructure, and will facilitate future integrations of the C-library in HSM infrastructures.

By providing a C-implementation of the fundamental functions of the Substrate protocol we hope to expand the reach of the protocol to a greater variety of platforms and devices, with the potential of increasing the adoption of the Substrate ecosystem by other participants in the Digital Asset /- crypto space.

“We’re excited about the development of the C-Library — Web3 Foundation is a crucial catalyst in the blockchain space, providing support for projects like this. Beginning with an integration of the Substrate framework into our solutions, we believe that we are contributing to the success of the protocol, by making it more accessible to a wider range of investors and projects.” - Martin Rieke, CTO of Finoa

Thanks to the Web3 Foundation for the continuous support and for resolving technical queries.