In 2018, we launched Finoa, a highly innovative Digital Assets financial services provider allowing professional investors to seamlessly store and manage their digital wealth.

Our all-in-one solution for managing Digital- and Crypto-Assets is complemented by 24/7 immediate asset accessibility and protected by military-grade cryptographic standards. At the same time, we ensure and maintain full compliance through our regulated custody infrastructure.

At Finoa, we are committed to continuously developing and improving our product and service offering, with the ultimate goal of enabling higher levels of asset productivity and providing our customers with the full potential of rewards available in the ecosystem for their Digital Assets.

With today’s announcement, we are happy to share that you can now deposit and earn XTZ rewards through Finoa Custody.

Staking XTZ with Finoa

With our latest product release, Finoa now supports custody and staking for the Tezos token, XTZ, enabling our clients to safely store their assets while simultaneously earning rewards. Through our “in-custody” staking technology, the assets never leave the secure custody environment, while allowing our customers to opt out at any time. By partnering with validators in the space, Finoa’s customers will be able to stake their tokens and contribute to the Tezos network.

Staking XTZ through self-custody solutions is often cumbersome, risky, and time-consuming. Many exchanges do not support XTZ staking, nor do they provide the highest level of Digital Asset security.

With today’s integration of Tezos, Finoa is taking a vital step to widen the array of Digital Assets financial services it provides.

Update: As of November 30th, 2022, Finoa is no longer supporting Tezos ($XTZ).