Finoa is excited to announce the partnership with TrustToken to provide institutional-grade crypto custody for the TRU token, the TrueFi native token powering uncollateralized lending, at the mainnet launch.

Why is the TrueFi mainnet launch exciting?

With TrueFi, TrustToken aims to bring uncollateralized lending to the Decentralized Finance ecosystem, a concept well-known in traditional financial markets.

Moving the uncollateralized lending market onto the blockchain opens up access to lenders of nearly any size and background — providing cryptocurrency lenders with sustainable rates of return while giving cryptocurrency borrowers predictable loan terms without requiring collateral — paving the way for a fully market-driven and automated credit rating and lending system in the future.

“We are happy to support the launch of the TrueFi protocol by providing institutional-grade custody for the TrustToken and our clients. TrueFi is another great example of a financial system moving more and more towards decentralization and democratization, and we are excited to support this development.” - Finoa Co-Founder & Co-CEO Christopher May

Collaboration beyond crypto custody

In addition to crypto custody, the companies are looking into the provisioning of TRU staking directly from Finoa’s secure infrastructure, providing a unique opportunity for token holders to participate in network governance in a seamless, safe, and secure way.

“TrustToken is thrilled to collaborate with Finoa towards institutional-grade support for holding, and soon staking, TRU” says Rafael Cosman, CEO and Co-Founder of TrustToken. “This partnership makes the TrueFi ecosystem even more accessible and resilient, an ideal launching point for the project.”

Are you interested in learning more about our support for TRU? Reach out to us here.