Announcing Finoa's Support for Chainflip Labs' mainnet launch at TGE with custody & staking of the Chainflip token ($FLIP)

We are delighted to announce that we will be supporting custody and staking of Chainflip ($FLIP) at TGE. Chainflip is a cross-chain protocol which uses threshold signature schemes, an independent blockchain, and a purpose-built AMM using just in time liquidity to facilitate native cross-chain swaps. Chainflip grants users access to native assets not usually found on the same dex -- like ETH, DOT, and BTC, to name a few.

The Chainflip protocol excels in optimizing capital efficiency, allowing for seamless, decentralized, and permissionless cross-chain swaps at the same price level as a centralized exchange. Within the domain of DeFi, Chainflip sets itself apart by facilitating cross-chain swaps and offering liquidity in a decentralized, non-custodial fashion, thereby elevating your ability to trade and exchange assets across a wide range of blockchains.

Finoa will support the Chainflip Ecosystem by providing institutional custody, in-custody staking, and white-label validators for the $FLIP token, an ERC-20 token securely residing on the Ethereum blockchain. As a regulated and qualified cryptocurrency custodian and node infrastructure operator, headquartered in Germany, Finoa provides a go-to-solution for institutional $FLIP token holders. This partnership signifies a stride towards enabling additional partners and institutions to dynamically immerse and participate in the Chainflip ecosystem, fostering a more interconnected and collaborative blockchain environment.

Engage with a blockchain environment where connectivity and security converge seamlessly with Finoa and Chainflip.