Berlin, February 28th, 2024 - Finoa, a leading regulated and qualified crypto custodian, today announced the technical integration of its wallet connector FinoaConnect with Centrifuge, a platform for tokenized real-world assets. The partnership enables Finoa customers to custody their investments in real-world asset (RWA) pools on Centrifuge, with Finoa's compliant and institutional-grade custody service.

"Finoa's collaboration with Centrifuge represents a pivotal moment in the institutional adoption of blockchain-based asset management," said Henrik Gebbing, Co-Founder of Finoa. "Our partnership will empower institutional investors to securely custody their investments on the Centrifuge platform, starting with Anemoy, while ensuring the highest standards of security and compliance."

Finoa’s recently announced wallet connector, FinoaConnect, will be added to the Centrifuge dApp. Through this partnership, Finoa clients will benefit from the ability to custody Anemoy's Liquid Treasury Fund accessed via the Centrifuge Protocol . This integration simplifies the participation and redemption process, allowing institutional investors to interact with Centrifuge pools in a safe and transparent way.

Lucas Vogelsang, Founder and CEO of Centrifuge, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "We are excited to join forces with Finoa to expand the reach of our real-world asset products to institutional investors. By combining Finoa's robust, regulated custodial services with our onchain fund management solution, we are paving the way for broader institutional participation in the evolving landscape of decentralized finance."

The collaboration between Finoa and Centrifuge exemplifies a shared commitment to driving institutional adoption of blockchain technology. With plans to explore additional institutional use cases in the future, both parties are poised to further innovate and expand access to investment opportunities with a range of innovative technology solutions.

About Finoa:

Founded in 2018 in Berlin/Germany, Finoa is the leading European digital asset custodian and staking provider, enabling institutional access to the ever-growing crypto asset ecosystem. The company offers a range of services, including custody, staking, and brokerage, with an emphasis on security, regulatory compliance, and customer service. Finoa's intuitive platform enables users to securely store, stake, and manage their assets, making it a trusted partner for institutional investors, hedge funds, corporates, and high-net-worth individuals globally. For more information about Finoa's services, please visit

About Anemoy:

Anemoy is a web3 native asset manager that offers investors exposure to a diverse array of high-performing assets within a blockchain-native framework. By blending traditional finance expertise with cutting-edge blockchain solutions, Anemoy provides investors with unique opportunities for value creation and portfolio diversification in a fully-regulated structure. 

About Centrifuge:

Founded in 2017, Centrifuge is the platform for on-chain finance. Notable firsts include minting MakerDAO’s first real-world asset, structuring the first on-chain securitization, launching the RWA Market with Aave and bringing the first credit fund’s operations on-chain with BlockTower. Centrifuge provides both the infrastructure and ecosystem to tokenize, manage, and invest into a complete, diversified portfolio of real-world assets.