Access Anemoy’s Liquid Treasury Fund via Centrifuge and FinoaConnect

Earn up to 5%* on stablecoin deposits.


The Anemoy Liquid Treasury Fund presents a pioneering approach to accessing the <6 month US Treasury Yield through a regulated, fully onchain actively managed fund. With a focus on offering unparalleled investor protection and opportunity, Anemoy introduces a unique avenue for Finoa clients to engage with tokenized T-bills. Anemoy Liquid Treasury Fund 1 stands as a testament to innovation in the realm of financial instruments, being fully onchain and actively managed, while holding a BVI license and extending its accessibility to non-US Professional Investors.

This fund, which rebalances on a monthly basis and facilitates daily redemptions, is designed to provide investors with exposure to US T-Bills with a maximum maturity of 6-months. Its primary objective revolves around maximizing interest rates while diligently mitigating price and duration risks. Notably, the fund directly holds US T-Bills, offering transparency as its assets under management (AUM) are visible onchain. Furthermore, the fund innovatively issues shares as tokens to investors, streamlining the investment process, while transactions, including investments and redemptions, are conducted using USDC stablecoins. Through its distinctive features and commitment to investor welfare, the Anemoy Liquid Treasury Fund marks a new era in financial accessibility and security.

Centrifuge application

Through FinoaConnect, Finoa clients can interact with Anemoy directly via the Centrifuge Application and deploy stablecoins directly from custody to the Anemoy Liquid Treasury Fund 1. In return for deployment, Finoa clients will receive a tokenized fund share directly in secure custody. Finoa clients benefit from a seamless experience that provides the highest level of security, comfort, and a native user experience tailored to Web 3.

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