The NEAR network in review: core technologies and use cases

6 Dec 2022

NEAR offers an optimal mix of high speed, low cost, and seamless scalability, powering unique applications and use-cases for the decentralized web. With functions like a unique sharding technology and an Ethereum bridge, the NEAR network acts as the base layer for over 900 applications and stands out as a competitive solution for use cases in need of high throughput and low transaction fees.

This report centers around the NEAR network's core technologies, projects, use cases, and community-building initiatives to help you assess the value of the NEAR ecosystem in today’s competitive crypto landscape.

Topics covered in this paper include:

  • The state of NEAR: history, network decentralization, and key metrics 
  • Essential developer tools and NEAR’s advantages over other networks
  • The technological building blocks and the innovations that make it unique
  • Use cases: an overview of six niches, from consumer to corporate and DeFi
  • The most important projects enabling interoperability on NEAR
  • Potential use cases and future opportunities
  • The NEAR community: partners, ecosystem funds, and regional hubs

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