The investor's guide to institutional crypto

4 Apr 2022

The paper gives wealth managers a comprehensive overview of the digital asset space, highlighting the growth opportunities available to investors of all levels of familiarity with crypto. Read it to learn about the various active, passive, and yield-bearing investing strategies, gain an understanding of the current regulatory environment, and get answers to questions such as:


  • What developments led to increased adoption of crypto-assets in the past few years, following the market expansions and contractions since 2014?
  • Why is crypto considered a new asset class? Does it have a role to play in a world where monetary policies are fraught with record-high inflation and record-low bond yields?
  • Is bitcoin "digital gold”? And could it be the crypto asset best suited to serve as a store of value and a hedge against inflation?
  • How are institutions getting exposure to crypto? A look at the major exchange-traded products and funds, crypto company stock, and direct custody.
  • What criteria can investors use when selecting a custodian?

Download the report to learn more about how you can safely engage with crypto assets.

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