Explain it like I'm 5: ether.fi

11 May 2023

In this webinar, experts from Allnodes, Kiln, ether.fi, and Finoa, discuss the ether.fi protocol, how liquid staking works, and what makes their approach unique. Mike CEO of ether.fi, Ernest CPO at Kiln, and Andreas CTO at Finoa also share their experience with Ethereum staking, discuss the challenges and opportunities of liquid staking, and explore the potential benefits for users, investors, and the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole.


  • Introduction
  • Etherfi's inception 
  • Liquid staking - why and how?
  • Future projections and ether.fi outlook


  • Mike Silagadze, CEO of ether.fi 
  • Ernest Oppetit, CPO at Kiln
  • Andreas Dittrich, CTO at Finoa

Moderator: Robert Ellison, CGO at Allnodes

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