Power to the network: securing value with $AUDIO staking

30 Aug 2022

In this webinar, experts from Audius, Finoa, and Figment talk about how staking is powering artist communities in the web3 ecosystem. 

Discover the benefits that staking with regulated partners brings for investors, and how to earn rewards for your $AUDIO tokens without compromising on security.


  • Overview of Audius and the web3 technology powering the decentralized platform 
  • The value of partnering with a regulated custodian
  • Functions of the Native Utility token, $AUDIO
  • Advantages of staking with an institutional-grade validator
  • How does Audius help artists?
  • What does the future look like for the crypto ecosystem? 


  • Henrik Gebbing - Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Finoa
  • Roneil Rumburg - Co-Founder & CEO, Audius
  • Nathan Workman - Senior protocol analyst, Figment

Moderator: Chris Wilson - Figment

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