Berlin, December 18 2023 – Finoa, the leading custodian in Europe, is thrilled to announce a significant development in its integration with the Polygon network. Finoa Consensus Services, our staking subsidiary, has been accepted to become an integral part of the active set of validators on the Polygon PoS network. This marks a pivotal moment as we extend our institutional-grade services to contribute actively to the Polygon ecosystem.

Network Contribution:

In its role as a node infrastructure provider, Finoa Consensus Services will play a crucial part in enhancing the security, decentralization, and overall health of the Polygon PoS network by participating as a validator. This active contribution underscores our commitment to bolstering the integrity of the network. 

Enhanced Trust:

The participation of Finoa and Finoa Consensus Services, a reputable custodian with a German-incorporated subsidiary, as a validator adds a layer of trust to the Polygon PoS network. Institutional participants can now have increased confidence, knowing that a trusted entity is actively involved in securing the network. 

Moving forward

This announcement marks the beginning of a more strategic integration between Finoa and the Polygon PoS network that will be announced throughout 2024. In January, the Polygon PoS network will be integrated with Finoa’s proprietary wallet connector to enable institutional in-custody staking and on-chain participation.